As the summer weather grows near, women everywhere are pulling out all of the stops with some killer Gladiator sandals! From the runways to the streets, the Gladiator sandal trend truly is everywhere. We’ve pulled together four different styles of the sandal with tips on how to dress them up! Make sure to pick up a pair here!


The knee-high or over-the-knee Gladiator sandal is perfect for pairing with a little black dress or short shorts. Just beware, though, the higher the sandal, the shorter the leg! These specific sandals are perfect for the woman with legs for miles. If you’re on the shorter side, try one of the following:


Simple at the ankle Gladiators can be easily worn with a pair of rolled-up jeans, a maxi dress, or even a simple dress. As the sandal won’t be consuming much of your leg, you can play around with colors and studs to make more of a statement.


Heeled Gladiators are a hit or miss when it comes to the look and overall appeal of the footwear. As Gladiator sandals originated hundreds of years ago, it’s a sensitive subject to throw a heel on them! Make sure, if you’re taking the bold step in the heeled-version, that you keep things very simple. Opt for a nude-colored sandal and, if you’re aiming for black, keep it understated: a couple of buckles here and there are okay – just don’t go overboard!



Mid-calf Gladiators are some of the more casual of styles for the trend. You can easily pair these with some shorts and a simple tee during the hot summer weather. Just, again, make sure to keep things simple!

Alexander Wang

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