It’s safe to say that any avid Sex & the City fan knows that the ‘Carrie’ necklace was a vital part of the show. Remember when Carrie found it at the bottom of her purse in Paris and had a revelation? Ever since the 90s (and we thank the show for this), customized name necklaces have been popping in and out of style. Currently it seems as though every blogger is donning their name around their neck – whether it’s a sense of ‘this is who I am without having to say it,’ or simply a token of remembrance if they forget their name after a couple of drinks, we can’t help but fall head-first in love with the comeback trend!

The necklaces come in a wide variety of prices, colors, materials, and lengths. You can also find bracelets, rings, and earrings that are emblazoned with your initials or those of a loved one. Although we find any personalized jewelry to be great, we are very much in favor of the necklace! Shop below:




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